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More of the Adams Clan


At the top

Papaw Will and Loretta Adams

Papaw always kept his lawn and hedges trimmed neatly.  Looks like they standing in front of the hedge.



Mamaw Adams' Mother

Serena (Cooper) Jones



Carefree Days on the farm




Visiting Mom and Dad

Mamaw Loretta, Uncle Forest and Papaw Will

Uncle Forest and Aunt Peg had two sons, Glenn and David.  All four of them are deceased.  Uncle Forest was A & P Food Stores supervisor until his retirement.



Cousins in Aunt Valma's back yard

Delores; Gwenda with son, Sammy and daughter, Candy; Linda Crase; Selma (Crase) Cantrell and her daughter Wilma Carol



Daddy and Siblings

Aunt Valma Craft, Kelsey Adams, Aunt Wilma Crase, Aunt Lovette Lucas Sullivan


Mother of Linda and Selma (above, Cousins picture) and Marietta (Crase) Ball, Bill and Tom Crase (not pictured)

Aunt Wilma (Adams) Crase.  Married to Ewen.

I have loving memories of Aunt Wilma.  When T.C. died, she just took me under her wings, feed me on Sunday after church and other days, called to check on me and was "just there."


Wilma's Grandchildren

Chris Ball (Marietta's), Mike and Wilma Cantrell (Selma's), Bobby Crase (Tom's)



Mother of Bill, Lester and Jim.  Wife of Nat.

Aunt Valma (Adams) Craft

You had to look long and hard to find anyone who loved her family more than Aunt Valma!  Her greatest delight was having family drop in expected or unexpected.  She was in her element in the kitchen whipping up something to feed her guests.  Then you got lured into a game of Scrabble.  When Mother and Daddy lived in Lexington, it was a ritual for them to meet at her house after church, have a snack and sit down to a game of Scrabble.


Aunt Valma and Uncle Nat's oldest son

William N. (Bill) Craft

See News of the Family Page for link to Bill's memorial done by his son, Winn



Enjoying a game of jarts in the Craft's backyard

Uncle Nat and Daddy



All "Girls"

Karen and Lorinda Grubbs, Delores, Mother, Linda and Wilma Crase, Alice (Adams) Hall



Just Fellows

Uncle Forest, Uncle Nat Craft, Uncle Ewen Crase, Daddy, Uncle Fonda

(Forest, Kelsey and Fonda are brothers, Nat and Ewen are in-laws)


And now the ladies!

Aunt Lovette, Aunt Wilma, Aunt Valma, Aunt Dorothy, Mother, Aunt Peg

(Lovette, Wilma and Valma are sisters.  Mother, Dorothy and Peg are in-laws)



Siblings and Mother

Delores, Robert, Lorinda, Mother, Violetta


Another View of Siblings and Mother

Delores, Violetta, Lorinda, Mother, Robert



At Daddy's funeral

Aunt Valma Craft, Linda Crase, Aunt Wilma Crase, Uncle Forest and Aunt Peg Adams, Uncle Ewen Crase



Celebrating Gwenda and Fred's 25th Anniversary

Aunt Lovette; Patricia (Wright) Playforth--Gwenda's sister; Aunt Wilma

At Berea, Kentucky



Mother visiting Berea Church of God

Mother, James Barry and Candace (Castle) Whitworth




Uncle Forest Adams, Mother, Aunt Wilma Crase

(Forest and Wilma are Daddy's siblings)



Family Get-together

(Standing back row) Uncle Forest, Mother, Aunt Wilma, Lorinda, Phillip, Cathy

(Middle row) Uncle Nat, Essie (Ona Blane's mother), Linda

(Front Row) Aunt Valma, Ona Blaine, Aunt Peg



Family Get-together at my house in Jenkins

Several Generations!


More to come!



Copyright Delores Adams 10/3/04






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