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This Page is Devoted to Our Robbins Relatives


Mother's Side of our Family


Our Robbins Beginning


 Young Grandfather Charles and Grandmother Farinda Robbins


And then later in life


Grandma Robbins

This lovely hair was dark auburn.  It was carefully combed with a bone comb.  Grandma started at bottom and worked her way up with the comb, and I don't think she ever broke a hair!

She lived to be 97 years old.

She played the dulcimer, by ear.  Lorinda still has her dulcimer.

Lorinda was named for "Loretta" (Daddy's mother) and Farinda (Mother's mother), thus "Lorinda."  Mother created the name.


Mother and Daughter

Mother and Grandma Robbins






 I didn't get to know my grandfather Robbins.  He died while Mother was pregnant with me.  Grandmother took turns staying with different ones of her children.  I looked forward to the times she would come come and stay with us.  She would always bring her "mantel" clock with her and a trunk containing her clothes and other personal items. 



Robbins Family Reunion


Breaks Interstate (KY/VA) Park

Dollie, Iva, Tom, Aunt Margaret, Thurston, Mother

(Dollie, Iva, Tom and Thurston are the children of Mother's brother Floyd and Mollie Robbins.)


Sure miss being able to take Mother to these get togethers.  I confess that there are some of my younger relatives that I don't know.  If you can supply me with names in this picture and where they fit into the family, I'll add them here.


Aunt Becky

Rebecca Peters, Mother's sister


Aunt Becky and Rilda

Rilda Painter is Aunt Becky's daughter


Aunt Becky's Girls

Rilda, Nancy and Ruth


At the Painter Reunion in Michigan

Nina (Painter), Terry (Vi's daughter), Donna (Painter), Sherry (Vi's daughter), Aletta (Terry's daughter), Connie (Vi's daughter)

(Nina and Donna are Rilda's daughters)


O u r   R o b b i n s   C l a n



Zion Robbins

Zion is the son of Mother's brother, Jonas Robbins.


More cuz's at Robbins Reunion in Michigan

Zion, Sheila, Ishmael, Nancy

Zion, Sheila and Ishmael are brothers and sister.

Nancy is the daughter of Aunt Becky


O u r   R o b b i n s   C l a n


Mother visiting Aunt Mollie

Thurston (Uncle Floyd & Aunt Mollie's son), Mother and Aunt Mollie


O u r   R o b b i n s   C l a n


"Uncle Ed's boy"

(Mother had written this on the back of the picture)

Vernon Smith

If anyone can add information about Vernon, please let me know


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