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News of the Family


This page is reserved for news from Family members.  If you have any news you would like to be included here, please email me.  New babies, change of address, whatever you would like the rest of the family to know about--post it here.  Let me hear from you.




February 14, 2004

I have already mentioned on her page that she is very ill and on life support at this time.  We expect her to be moved to Louisville as soon as she is able to make the trip where she will have the special care that she needs.  further updates will be added here.




February 24, 2004

Alice was moved to Wheelersburg, Ohio - Greenbriar Healthcare Center.  Her address is Alice Hall; Greenbriar Healthcare Center; 1242 Crescent Drive; Wheelersburg, Ohio 45694 (740) 574-8441.  As of today, she is in Southern Ohio Medical Center in Portsmouth being treated for pneumonia.  At last report, her temperature has returned to nearly normal.




March 9, 2004

Alice is back at Greenbriar Healthcare Center.  The last report is that there is no change.  Her vital signs are good, and her temperature back to normal but not responding.




July 16, 2004

Alice left us today.  Her suffering has ended.  Our hearts are saddened, but we know that she has surrendered her visa for her visit on earth and has taken up her permanent citizenship in a country where she will never be deported.  I hope you will visit her three pages on Heart 2 Heart.  If you wish to do so, see below.

If you have any "Alice Memories" you would like to share on her page "Remembering Alice," please email me.  We are leaving the page as an "open page" to be added to as memories are shared.


Alice's Legacy

Remembering Alice



Ralph Bolton

September 30, 2004

Our condolences go out to Apirl (Lucas) Bolton in the loss of her husband, Ralph, who passed away on September 20.  April is the daughter of Lovette (Adams) and Dolph Lucas.  Lovette is the sister of our dad, Kelsey.  April has one sister, Tamara Lucas.  Lovette and Dolph are both deceased.



William N. Craft

January 8, 2005

It is with a sad heart that we add another bit of news here.  On January 8, 2005, we lost anther member of our family:  Williams N. (Bill) Craft, the son of William N. (Nat) and Valma (Adams) Craft.

Bill's son, Winn, has created a very nice memorial page for Bill at








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