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Special Days for Special People


This page is dedicated to our birthdays and anniversaries and any other day special to you that you want to submit.  Would you allow me to post your special days?--not the year (unless you tell me to)!  Heaven forbid!  Just the month and the day.

There are a few that I am brave enough to post without their permission, but others that I am not sure about I will wait until you tell me it's OK.  OK?

The special days are posted by the month so you can easily check each month to see if there is someone you would like to send greetings to (or in case you forget yours!). 

If you wish we will post addresses and/or email addresses.  I won't without your permission.  Let me know if you want that added.

Add your birthdays and/or


 Let me hear from you!

If you find an error, wrong date, etc. please let me know.




"You are not getting older, you are getting better."



(Delores' apple tree)

January 7:  Shanna Grubbs

January 10:  Kelsey Lee Bender

January 13:  Jarrett Austin Grubbs

January 16:  Rev. Jerry Paul Grubbs:



February 2:  Lorinda Lee (Adams) Grubbs; 

February 6:  Candy (Castle) Whitworth;

February 13:  Elma Eugenia (Davis) Emory



(View from Delores' front porch)

March 4:  Violetta Adams

March 21:  Drew Whitworth

March 24:  James (Hoot) Collins; PO Box 882 Neon, Ky 41840;

March 25:  Sammy Castle



(Delores front yard)

April 25:  Connie (Painter) Bartley

April 30:  Terry Firth/Painter; 1223 Grand Avenue, #5; San Rafael, CA  94901; 415-721-7341;



(Duck at Jenkins Lake)

May 11:  David Wayne Grubbs

May 29:  Gwenda (Wright) Castle

May 11:  Fred Roark, Jr.

May 18:  James Barry Whitworth

May 26:  Brandon Chase Roark



June 3:  Paul Ray Hall

June 6:  Alex Whitworth

June 10:  Sue Ellen (Roark) Williams

June 12:  Robert Collins; PO Box 882 Neon, Ky 41840;

June 12:  Stamper Collins; PO Box 882 Neon, Ky 41840;

June 14:  Fred Castle

June 28:  Zachery Bender



July 1:  Derick Austin Roark

July 16:  Caeleigh Whitworth



August 20:  Steven Adams

August 24:  Linda Carol (Adams) Collins; PO Box 882 Neon, Ky 41840:




September 1:  Dekitta Williams

September 22:  Alanna Grubbs

September 24:  David Jerry (D.J.) Grubbs

September 30:  Jennifer Starr Martin



(Delores' front yard)

October 7:  Julie Casebolt

October 7:  Janet Adams

October 31:  Lauren Kindall Roark



November 17:  Vicky Castle

November 19:  Brooke Castle

November 21:  Robert Vernon Adams

November 22:  Nathan Jacobs

November 26:  Crystle Grubbs

November 28:  Joseph Williams



December 14:  Anthony DeWayne Davis

December 18:  Misty Grubbs

December 19:  Derek Castle

December 19:  Ashley Grubbs

December 22:  Joyce Ann (Wright) Davis

December 22:  Jeffrey Todd Davis

December 24:  Delores Adams; 189 Elm Street; Jenkins, KY 41537 (email below)

December 31:  Lisa (Adams) Bender

December 31:  Kenny Grubbs


Happy Birthday, Everyone!


Happy Anniversary to All

and Many, Many More !!



May 23:  Gwenda (Wright) and Fred Castle



June 9:  James Barry and Candy (Castle) Whitworth;

June 20:  Jerry and Lorinda (Adams) Grubbs



July 1:  David and Shanna Grubbs



August 6:  Sammy and Vicky Castle



September 14:  Ken and Karen (Grubbs) Jacobs



December 2:  James and Linda Carol (Adams) Collins: PO Box 882 Neon, Ky 41840:

December 3:  Robert and Ona Blaine Adams

December 10:  Doug and Sue Ellen (Roark) Williams


Happy Anniversary, Everyone!




If you have any birthdays or anniversaries that you would like for me to add to this page, please email me.




Copyright Delores Adams 2/3/04







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