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Lorinda wrote a "poetic essay" to the bell. 


Note:  Wilma (Adams) Crase was Daddy's sister. 

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Papaw Adams was hearing impaired and you had to talk loud to him.  When Mamaw had meals ready or if there were an emergency, she would ring "The Bell."  He could hear the bell and would come home to eat or find out what the problem was that needed his attention

When the Cowan farm was sold the bell ended up on our front porch.  My dad was also hearing impaired and Mother would ring the bell when she needed him to come home from the family business that was just across the creek from our home. 




Eventually, the bell ended up in a small tower in our church.  Near church time, someone would ring the bell to remind us it was time to gather in the Lord's house.  When the church was remodeled, the bell was removed and lay dormant in one of the trustee's homes.  That's where Lorinda and Jerry found and rescued it and restored it.  As Lorinda so beautifully wrote, the bell still rings!



The bell now sits in Lorinda and Jerry's back yard in Lincoln Park, Michigan.  Jerry had it blasted, sanded and painted it.


Jerry, "The Bell" and Lorinda

in Lincoln Park




 Copyright Delores Adams 2/3/04


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