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Next Generation



Robert and Ona Blaine's



Robert and Ona Blaine's First Born



Philip is married to Kathy

Phil works for Kentucky Farm Bureau.

Kathy is guidance counselor at Whitesburg High School.


Allison (Philip and Cathy's daughter)

Pretty for the prom


Mike (Philip and Cathy's son)

 Mike attends Transylvania College



Jonathan (Phillip and Cathy's son)

Jonathan is attending Whitesburg High School



 Michael was Robert & Ona's second son

Michael (deceased

They lost Michael when he was only 28 years old.  He had a massive heart attack while he and his fiancée were working on their future home near his dad and mom's home.



Then came the girl

(Linda Carol

(Need a bigger picture, Linda!)

Linda is married to James (Hoot) Collins.

Linda is a nurse.  James and Linda decided they didn't want "outsiders" sitting with the twins, so James became a "house-husband."


James and Linda's contribution to the clan


Stamper and Robert

Robert (sunglasses) and Stamper


Christmas Play 2004

Robert, Stamper and Friends at

Neon First Church of God



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