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Violetta, Steven and Jennifer



Steven's High School Graduation

Steven and Paul Ray (Alice's sons)

(Violetta adopted Steven)



Loved by two moms


One boy with five sisters!


Batter up!




Visiting Lorinda

Terry, Connie, Sherry

Violetta's Girls


Back in Detroit Days

...and then a little later


Tina, Connie, Terry and Sherry Painter



1986 Family Reunion at Delores'

Connie, Violetta, Tina, Jennifer

and their kids


Visiting Aunt Delores



Beloved companions


Connie and "Bunny"

"Bunny" learned how to use the potty as Connie learned.  He was serenaded by Connie and hopped every where she went.


Sandbox Friends

Connie (on left) with James Atkins, Ruby Gilliam (front), Ronnie Gilliam (right) and David Gilliam (back),  David, Ronnie and Ruby are brothers and sister.  James is their cousin. 


Here's a better look at David

Without his cowboy hat shading his face



Looking Pretty!


Jennifer Star

Violetta's youngest girl



Jennifer's cutie (then)

Julia Casebold checking out what Santa brought


All dressed for the prom (now)

Julia Casebolt

Julia graduated from high school June, 2004



Looks like Sunday  Dress-up




Sherry's kids when they were little

Chris, Rachel and Bethany



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