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Family of

Kelsey & Lillie Adams


Welcome to "Heart of Adams," web site of the family of Kelsey Graydon and Lillie Mae (Robbins) Adams.  We will be updating this page from time to time as more family information comes in, so come back when you have more time to spend with us.  Please be patient as the pages load; there are a lot of pictures.   

Kelsey Graydon Adams

Daddy's home place was at Cowan, near Whitesburg, Kentucky.  His parents were Will and Loretta (Jones) Adams.  You'll find more about him on his page.


Lillie Mae (Robbins) Adams

Mother was born in Lee City (Wolfe County), Kentucky.   Her parents, Charles and Farinda Robbins, eventually moved to Whitesburg where she met Daddy.  You will find more about her on her page.



Our family consists of six children (plus two deceased)


Robert Vernon (his mother died when he was just an infant)


Ruby Delores




Lorinda Lee


The Twins:

Kelsey Ray


Alice Mae


There was another set of twins who were the firstborn.  One was born dead and one lived only a short time.  They were named Jewel and Beulah. 

Admittedly, these are not our most recent photos.  (I just wanted to make us to look good! :-) )  But you will find more about us on other pages here.

Our clan just keeps expanding. They have to carry on and keep the flame lit for us.   You will find pictures and information of the "younger set" on the "Next Generation" Pages listed on the Library page. 





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