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The Adams-Grubbs Family


Lorinda and Jerry at their church

Lorinda Lee was the middle child and probably the most even tempered and leveled headed of us all.  I suppose having to give to her younger siblings and take from the older ones conditioned her for the life she now lives as a minister's wife.  She married Jerry Paul Grubbs at a very young age so they have been together for most of their lives.  They pastor Faith Tabernacle Church in Lincoln Park, Michigan.  Jerry's dad established the church in downtown Detroit and pastored for more than forty years.  Jerry became pastor after his dad died a few years ago. 


"When we were younger"

Jerry, Lorinda and their growing family


Another Birthday

Celebrating at Delores'


Still growing. . . . . .

Back:  Jerry Lee & Billie, Ken & Karen, Kenny, Shanna & David

Front:  Keith, Kevin, Alanna, D. J., Lorinda, Ashley, Jerry, Misty, Crystle

The kids are all nearly in their teens now, another talented generation.

They have three children:  Karen, Jerry Lee and David.  Karen lives just a lawn away from her parents and Jerry Lee lives in nearby Allen Park.  David lives in Monroe.

Karen's family consists of her husband, Ken Jacobs; sons Kenny, Kevin and Keith; and one grandchild.

Jerry Lee is married to Billie Crook and they have three girls:  Misty, Crystle and Ashley.

David and Shanna have three children:  Alanna, David Jerry (D.J.) and Jarrett.


Lorinda, Jerry, David, Jerry Lee, Karen

All of the family have been active in church activities all their lives and they are all very talented in music and singing, together or individually.



Both Jerry Lee and David are ministers and sometimes help their dad out with speaking engagements at Faith Tabernacle.

Jerry, Jerry Lee and David

Jerry, his talented sons and some of their church folks have completely remodeled their church.  Jerry is skilled in many different areas, so they were able to do almost all of the work themselves.  He also used his skills at their home in Lincoln Park and transformed their basement into an activity center for family and friends.  They collect "Coke" items and have them tastefully displayed there.


Lorinda getting ready for guests at their 43rd wedding anniversary celebration

Celebrating 43 years in 2002


More of Jerry and family's handiwork

Jerry, with some help from his sons and son-in-law, built this cabin on the church camp grounds on Ohio.  A nice, relaxing get-away when they can find the time.


"Those were the days!"

Even in their teen years, they knew~~~~~~


Lorinda attended  Burdine Elementary School until they moved to Detroit.


Lorinda on her tippy-toe during Burdine School days

This young lady turned out to be a very talented musician at the piano and organ and singing.  She, Jerry and their family are all talented in various musical instruments and singing voices. 


A few years ago

She's always been a "beauty."

Don't let her quite beauty fool you.  She has depth that is not always obvious, because she sits back and supports everyone else.  But she has a "light side" too, and I talked her into allowing her "Memories" to be published here.  Maybe she will relent and release some of her more serious writings too.





Then--when these memories were rooted~~

 I remember…

The mountains;  They were so high

It seemed like the trees reached up to the sky.

I remember…

The “holler” in which we lived

And the house with the big porch on the side of the hill.

 I remember…

Swinging on grapevines,

Hog killing time.

June bugs on a string,

Dogwoods blooming in the spring.

I remember…

Making mud pies, chasing butterflies,

Church bells ringing,

Good gospel singing,

Fried chicken on Sunday,

Washday on Monday,

I remember…

Picking blackberries and dodging snakes,

Swimming and fishing in the lake,

All day’s meetin’ and dinner on the ground,

Such a good time as the saints gathered ‘round,

Ice cream and watermelon on the fourth of July,

Going on picnics, eating homemade pie.

I remember…

Drawing water from the well,

Front porch swings and lots of tall tales,

Chopping kindlin’ and carrying buckets of coal,

Going to the outhouse in the cold winter’s snow.

I remember…

Breaking beans and shucking corn,

Going to Sunday school every Sunday morn,

Marbles and hopscotch and school recess,

Hoping for a report card with at least one “S.”

I remember…

Wading barefoot in the creek,

Slipping on rocks, watching frogs leap,

Catching lightning bugs in the dark,

Marking jewelry with a spark

Pinto beans and cornbread,

Sleeping in grandma’s big featherbed.

...............Lorinda (Adams) Grubbs

Now--Enjoying all the memories~~



Jerry and Lorinda's Church

Rev. Jerry P and Lorinda Grubbs



Lincoln Park, Michigan

On May 29, 1954, Rev. Paul and Vergel Grubbs embarked on a 41-year journey that began on Junction Street in Detroit, Michigan.  The door of Church of God M.A. opened because Rev. Grubbs felt that God had called him to start a church in Detroit.  He had pastored in Tennessee and Ohio, but he felt that he should move to Detroit with his family, Ina, Gloria, Mary and Jerry. 


Jerry's Dad and Mom

Rev. Paul and Vergel Grubbs


In August 1959, the church purchased property on Vernor Avenue in Detroit and renovated it into a beautiful worship center.  Over a period of time, the majority of their members lived in Lincoln Park, Michigan; so the decision was made to move to Lincoln Park in 1987.  With help of volunteer workers, the building soon became another beautiful place to worship. 

Some of the congregation

In 1992, Rev. Paul Grubbs retired and his son, Rev. Jerry P. Grubbs assumed leadership of the church.  About three years later, Rev. Paul Grubbs was called home to be with the Lord he has served so faithfully. 


Rev. Paul Grubbs

Many more renovations have taken place at the church.  Most of the work has been done by the dedicated members who volunteered their time, energy and finances. 



Charter Members

The church celebrated its fiftieth anniversary this year and honored six people (above) who were charter members and still active in the church today:  Vergel Grubbs, Lina Ferrell, Ina Mosher, Pastor Jerry Grubbs, Gloria Wright and Phyllis Ferrell.


Rev. Jerry P. and Lorinda Grubbs

The church continues to grow and affect the community.  Rev. Jerry P. and Lorinda (Adams) Grubbs are still at the helm and plans are to proceed “full speed ahead” with no thoughts of slowing down. 

They are both multi-talented in playing musical instruments and singing.



Copyright Delores Adams 2/3/04


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